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Communicating with employees

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So, I'm in Payroll, which is a part of Finance in our organization.

I get a lot of really Really REALLY stupid questions, on a regular basis. One of my favorites this week was "I know that the vacation policy states that we can carryover 40 hours of unused vacation from one year to the next, but I'm going to carryover an additional 80 hours, because I'm going out on maternity leave in March, and I want to take it then rather than this year."

Actually, not even a question, but just told what the employee was going to do.

I was the 4th person to get this email.

email 1 was sent to the HR/Benefits Specialist, who told the employee that we weren't able to do that, as the policy allows 40 hours of unused vacation time to carryover. This email was sent in appropriate HR fashion, filled with Rainbows and Unicorns, wrapped in a warm fuzzy.

The employee didn't like the answer so she sent it to the Director of HR, who responded in the same warm and fuzzy manner.

Employee still didn't like the answer, so she sent the question to her Regional Director, who then forwarded it to me.

I replied "The corporate policy allows for employees to carry up to 40 hours of unused vacation from one plan year to the next. There is no provision for allowing an exeption to that policy."

Now I have to take a course in writing because the VP of HR thought it was rude of me to tell the employee "NO"... even though the fluffy happy warm fuzzies of HR hadn't worked prior to me just saying no. Once I sent my email, it went no further... so I thought it was pretty effective.


  • and the reason I mentioned that I'm in finance, is that ALL the finance people in our organization are short and to the point, and yet I'm the only one that has to be warm and fluffy.
  • We have less of that "answer shopping" since we centralized all calls/inquiries to a shared Contact Center. Now the person being asked can look at the employee's recent case history and say "I see that you already asked that on mm/dd/yy and we responded with this answer, is there something else you needed to add?"

    However it does take a long time to get everyone to actually insist that employees use the centralized number.

    And sometimes the answer really is "No." I think it's rude to the employee to give them a less than honest answer!
  • ALL the finance people in our organization are short and to the point

    What? Are there no tall finance people out there? :shock:
  • Typicall, if you don't like the answer keep asking people until you find someone to agree with you.
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