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Increased employee buy-in for Health insurance

edited September 2012 in Human Resources
Can an employer increase an employee buy-in without provided a breakdown?

Situation is that all employees were given info in October of re-enrollment and that premium buy-ins would be kept the same even though there was an increase. On 1/1 when the renewal plan went into affect, a few employees saw an increase. When they asked about it, they were given the run around for a few months and then were told that because their wage had increased, so did there buy-in, but still were not given any info of the ranges or percentages of the buy-ins.

Does this info have to be offered? Is there any law that can support that?
Most employees let it go as they did not want to "create waves" so to speak, but are concerned that it will happen again this year and want to be prepared.

Any info would be appreciated.


  • I absolute agree, bad way to handle and treat your employees, but this is a large corporation who seems to not care about the little guy.

    Also, I failed to mention that the SPD had no info what so ever on rates. In prior years, the employees were given charts to reference for the buy in cost, but were not in the last renewal. The company also told them that they could not provide.

    Hope it works out better this year as I am not sure what can be done. :( :cry:
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