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Why is the IRS so incompetent? If I had $1 for every letter I got "in error" or because of some crazy mistake that the IRS made I coud probably retire now.

I fixed an issue for one of our companies and the IRS sent me a letter on 8/20/12 showing our balance due was "NONE." Then today I received a notice of Intent to Levy, for the same tax period and tax type for roughly $600. So apparently what they meant by "none" was $600. It's all because they made a mistake too. SO ANNOYED!


  • I just spent an hour of hell on the phone with them regarding a penalty notice for late 941 payments. Even though EFTPS and our bank show timely payments, that is not good enough for them. Somehow I have to prove that they were turned over by EFTPS to the IRS in a timely manner. If I have to enlist our accounting firm to help with this, it will probably cost as much as the penalty. :evil:
  • Melissa, have you tried calling and talking to someone else? I usually have better luck with the Utah office than with Memphis. Sometimes it is worth the time to call and talk to a different person. I have found there are actually a few nice, competent people who work for the IRS (but finding them is quite tricky).
  • Good idea. I will try that.
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