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logically deleted

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Can someone please tell me what is logical about deleting active employees?

I uploaded my file and got two errors, these two employees were logically deleted was the message I received. My eyes go back and forth from the error message to a report from their last payroll showing these two employees are active. My brain cannot comprehend this logic...I didn't term them, so I pick the phone and ask someone what happened. Their answer - Every August they delete anyone that doesn't have any YTD wages. But they were active, I say. Doesn't matter she answers.. logic? Really?

ADP = Always Darn Problems

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  • Thanks for the reply David, that was already done. They are set not to purge, this doesn't help with the 38 active employees they deleted. I probably wouldn't be as upset as I am if they didn't word it that way - there is no logic in deleting active employees, they are active for a reason. They are doing the exact opposite of their message and throwing all logic out the window by terminating someone that is active.

    I am surprised you guys didn't hear me yelling at them yesterday :wink:
  • I just received a notice when I signed in to ADP that said there was a purge file ready to be received and processed. I don't want to purge my employees so I just don't receive it. I have used ADP for years and have NEVER had them do anything without something in writing and instructions to do so. I have always been told that "they can do anything but they only do what you tell them to do".

    Yep.....that's why monkey's can't do payroll. It's always changing and we have to actually know what we are doing and why we are doing it.
  • I process 69 payrolls - not all of them through ADP, I have four different systems. We stopped our converision to ADP because someone in an office far, far away that doesn't have a clue as to what we do for our clients fell for one of ADP's sales pitches. All of those employees were marked for purge and I was supposed to see it on the MC report for the payroll before it. We are service bureau and I don't read the reports, I print them.

    I talked to OUR dedicated CSR, (yep, that's right we do have one person to go to, who is never there to answer any questions that I just happened to get by calling their generic number) AND she DOES know what she is talking about and she told me that I have to read the reports - my response was do you read your clients reports? - dead silence on the other end, ya I thought so. That is exactly the same thing you are telling me to do.

    There is not enough time in an 8 hour day for me to process payrolls let alone get a handle on what ADP is doing on their end. Like I said we stiopped in the middle of our conversion because ADP is not what we need here AT ALL!

    Your experience with ADP is not my experience with ADP....just sayin.
  • What happened to ou happened because an actual person setup some program logic that got triggered.

    That is why they were "logically" terminated rather than "at employer request" or "randomly selected because we think you have too many employees". Has nothing to do with "logic" as in "reasoning".

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