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Deduction Requests

edited July 2012 in Stupid Questions
Yesterday, had an issue where a site wanted to deduct from an employee's paycheck because that employee borrowed money from another employee personally.
Had to say "no, we cannot do that. If it is not a company approved loan, and the loan is handled outside of company funds, then we cannot use the paycheck to deduct that amount from the employee".

Today, received a request to deduct money from an employee's check for a speeding ticket he received while driving a company vehicle. Had to explain "just because he was in a company vehicle, the ticket is still a personal issue and he will have to pay that himself". Apparently the site paid it for him, assuming they could request us to deduct through payroll and they would then move the money off the books.

Must be the full moon or something. Having some really odd situations these days! 8)


  • Wow, those are some interesting requests. Haven't had anything like that go through our office in quite some time. I am new to the forum but will share any strange requests that I receive.


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