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FPC exam appreciated!

I am new here and have been preparing for the FPC this month. I wanted to just take the CPP but I read somewhere that you have to take the FPC first -now I am learning that may not have been true. Oh well....Right now I only help in processing payroll and have never done tax related or balancing duties so I am still a beginner ---the FPC might be better....anyway, I know that the APA states that government tables are provided during the exam, i.e. the wage bracket tables, etc. however--does anyone know if the table stating the withholding amounts for biweekly, weekly pay etc. is provided or do I have to memorize that? That's a big one considering in order to do the percentage method I need to know the amounts...

Also--How important is it to know the 40 different forms, i.e. 941 etc?
Just anything in general that they are likely to drill down on? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am considering purchasing the knowledge assessment tests from KAC -anyone think that is a great tool or not? thanks so much....
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