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ADP Workforce Now Vs Ceridian HPW

I am looking for actual users who can tell me what the advantages/disadvantatges pros/cons of ADP and Ceridian are. These are the two payroll providers we have to choose from but for those who use or have knowledge of both can you tell me what you think of the two compared to each other? Thank you


  • I don't know anything about the ADP, so I can't help with comparison, but I am currently on HPW and would be happy to answer any questions on that.
  • Do you use Ceridian TimePro for your time keeping?
  • Im on HPW coming from ADP. Night and day. Ceridian is awful. I can help with ADP.

  • ADP is so much better. Can anyone help me with HPW?

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    I've been on ADP WFN for the last year and while there have been a couple of issues, I find our service center to be very helpful when needed and the system to be pretty easy to use. I don't know Ceridian at all, but will say I like the fact that we also use the Benefits, Talent, ACA and PTO modules. We however do NOT use the timekeeping module.

  • I've used ADP WFN back in 2014. I found that the product wasn't truly integrated. I also found it difficult to get assistance. I had used many other ADP products prior to WFN coming out. My current company has been using Ceridian Dayforce since 2018 and I find the product far superior. The product is truly one integrated system. Its easy to use, the functionality is great. The Ceridian Support Team is far superior.

  • It has been many years since I have used ADP. Back in the day when I used it, it was a clunky system to use. Prior to going with Ceridian Dayforce, I spoke with our local ADP Rep and I was completely turned off by his sales tactics. We have been using Dayforce since 2016 and we are very pleased with the product. I recommend you give them a try!

  • We left ADP in 2017 and changed to Ceridian's Dayforce. ADP wasn't able to allow us to build customized workflows and allow us to move to a paperless process. We work very closely with our customer success rep assigned to make sure we get the support we need for any Ceridian issues.

  • We are currently on Ceridian HPL, and are in the process of migrating to Ceridian's new Dayforce platform. I have used ADP in the past. Before making the decision to move to Dayforce we went through a complete RFP process, and ADP made the final short-list. A few of the reasons that we chose Dayforce over ADP: access to test database at all times, not just during implementation; services included in Core payroll package include Performance, Equifax Unemployment & Wage Verification services; ability to keep 7 years of history (versus 1 year); fixed per EE/month pricing (versus transaction based invoicing); and ability for system to calculate weighted overtime.

  • We have been using Dayforce since 2016. One of the best features is that it is truly an all-in-one system. If a change is made to the HR record it is immediately reflected throughout the system and payroll is updated.
  • Interesting. If you just the very old posts, you will see pretty much the same ADP v Cerdian argument playing out in pretty much the same way. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • We were on HPL but never went over to ADP. We decided to stay with Ceridian and have transitioned to Dayrforce

  • At the start of 2019 we transitioned from ADP's Workforce Now to Ceridian Dayforce. We have consistently been able to have our committed at least 4 hours sooner with Ceridian compared to ADP. I find having an instant preview is very helpful when double checking quick entries, etc. With ADP you would have to calculate a preview which took a lot of time. You had to kick everyone out of any batches they were working to do this as well. Also, the customer service/support is night and day comparison. With ADP we got bounced around a lot and even our account manager rarely answered her phone. With Ceridian you can use the portal and submit a ticket, or call in. We've had great response with this.
    Lastly, ADP just could not do what we needed to be compliant and felt like they really did not care to assist us.

  • We went from HPW to Dayforce in 2017. We are extremely satisfied with Ceridian Dayforce and would highly recommend it. Dayforce is so customizable and they give so much support to their customers that you can't go wrong.

  • We use all available modules for Ceridian Dayforce and are very pleased, they connect to each other well and immediately update all areas. We did not use Workday but have used ADP in the past and we find the Ceridian product remains current as they update the interface regularly and even with all the updates they do not charge us extra when they roll out newer features.