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International Payroll

I was wondering if you could help with our payroll questions?

We have an employee that will be working in the UK for the next 6 months, but we don't want to transfer them to an international payroll. So, we want to know:

1) If we are allowed to do this?

2) If we do keep them on the US payroll, do we need to anything different from a withholding / reporting standpoint?

3) Would the burden fall on the employee when they are filing their taxes to make the appropriate adjustments?

Any other information that might help would be great.

Thank you


  • We use PWC because these can become complicated depending on tax equalization agreements and how long the assignment would be. Wages are still taxable to the US, not sure how the UK side would work.

    Transfers like this can get complicated for taxes, benefits, vesting, years of service, etc..

    Agreed with David, that having him paid through a service (makes it not your EE is a good idea). Not a DIY project, you need to engage the help of some experts on this one.
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