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There should be a form.....

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Got a question from a client today, one of their employees wants to claim exempt. Is there a form they need to fill out for that?

OH MY GOSH, there should be form for that, I don't remember what it is since I don't use it that often (insert sarcasm font here) :roll: :lol: :roll:


  • If an employee wants to file "exempt" they need to fill out a new W-4 and follow the instructions at the top for claiming "exempt." This is the one type of W-4 that does expire, and that information is also on the top portion of the W-4. I believe the expiration date is Feb 19 of the following year. If they haven't renewed their exempt status at that time, the status reverts back to (I think) what it was previously, or else S-1.
  • Was the fine payable in those $1million notes you can buy in novelty shops? :P
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