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Bereavement Time . . .

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My all time favorite question. . . Can I use bereavement time because my dog died? Serious question. How do you answer that?


  • Our bereavement policy spells out the time for mother, father, brother, sister, parent, grandparent and child. However.... it then says "all other family members" which always raises questions. I've never had the question about whether or not a pet qualified.... I know many people do consider their pets to be a part of the family.
  • I just paid my IT Manager for a funeral day for having to put his dog down. He's been here quite a long time and he knew his wife couldn't handle it, and they wanted the kids at school when it happened so he couldn't do it on the weekend. I would just tell them if HR approves it, you'll pay it.
  • Agreed. Many, many years ago I worked in a real estate office in Beverly Hills, where a majority of the realtors were very high strung and high maintenance but fiercely competitive ladies. In the middle of the afternoon one business day I was on the second floor and I heard a mighty wailing from below. It was so loud everyone stopped working to see what had happened. It was one of our high-strung ladies who just found out her dog had passed away. They had to take her home and put her to bed because she was so distraught. You don't say "no" to a day off then...
  • I worked at a place where we would allow someone to use sick time for this. Our rationale was the person was not feeling well enough to work, because their dog died. It made employees happy.
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