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edited June 2011 in Stupid Questions
Dumb question of the year (so far):

Me: "He's deceased as of 12/2010."
Govt EE: "So he doesn't work for you anymore?"



  • LOL!! :lol:
  • hmmm - sellers advantage - but - didn't they have a "forgotten password" link that would send an e-mail with a password to --OH - I bet the e-mail account was defunct as well - OR it required the same password you were trying to get :roll:
  • I'm with David. My mother passed away a few years ago, and had left everything to me to "handle". She did not have a large estate, actually more bills than income or savings, but it was a pain to get anybody to assist in cancelling out her accounts. Even after providing a copy of the death certificate, they still wanted information that I had no way of knowing. I gave up on a few of them, sort of like telling the bill collectors "good luck finding her". She had put my name as the beneficiary of her bank account many years before. Since the paperwork was signed, I had changed my last name. In order to close out her bank account I had to provide proof of my old name(with a photo) as well as my current name (with a photo), AND a copy of a birth certificate to prove I was her daughter. Thankfully I tend to keep all of my old driver's licenses. Otherwise those funds would have been escheated to the state, several years from now. I also had the same problem with the SSA and Medicare.

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