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I passed CPP exam

I passed CPP exam and after I passed the exam I gave speech at the Washington Metropolitan area Chapter of the American payroll Association.

I would like to share with you.
I started studying for the CPP exam in 2008. I took the CPP exam 6 times and I finally passed on April 15th 2011.

My journey started in 2007 when I was at the ADP year end training. I won a one year membership in the WMAC-APA.

I started searching the WMAC-APA website and I found the education section. I was doing payroll almost 6 years but I didn’t have any clue about payroll education. I said to myself I should learn more about payroll since I love it so much... I signed up for the payroll education class. I bought my Principals of Payroll Administration book and I was looking at the book I said to myself “English is your second language how are you going to do this. Are you out of your mind?” It was a big book with a lot of IRS regulation and rules that I never heard before. I was scared. Actually, first day class was very interesting. I was very excited to be in the class but nothing was familiar to me. It was different world.

I had to learn a lot. Eileen and Carol were my teachers and other CPP’s were helping them. I admired them and I just want to be one of them in the future.

Of course, I did not pass first try. I had test anxiety and I didn’t know how to use the computer based testing. I didn’t give up and I took the test every 6 months. Every time I failed I said I’m not going to take this exam again but I couldn’t stop it. I learned how to enjoy studying and not to stress too much.

Each time I took the test my scores got better and better. The last time I missed passing by three points! One question made the difference. I almost gave up but my wonderful husband encouraged me to try one more time. And Eileen also encouraged me.

Eileen was always saying to find a study buddy. I found a study buddy last time I took the exam. I studied with Susana. We live far away but we were reaching each other with phone and emails. We were sending emails to each other sharing information for almost 3 months constantly. I would like to thank her from here.

I’m proud to be a member of WMAC-APA. People are supportive, loving and caring.
I want to encourage all of you, who didn’t pass the exam, try it until you reach your goal. It is worth it. I felt big relief and happiness.


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