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  • Re: Ohio Payroll Professionals

    Stay out of OH. Along with PA these states are Payroll Hell.

  • Re: How long has everyone been working in payroll?

    1. Or maybe 1886. I forget
  • Re: Paid Leave Expansion in NJ

    My thoughts are that the Republican Governor has not actually signed the bill, and that there are other states which have these sorts of laws. Also, I am not in NJ.

    It is more work for payroll if this passes, but most laws are more work for payroll. That is why payroll clerks get better pay then AP clerks. AP laws are pretty easy compared to PR laws.

    Patty and I used to have a running joke that all payroll laws should be carved on stone tablets by the legislatures who passed them. This would make for fewer, shorter laws.

  • Re: Stipend Payment to Employee

    Pretend that I am an IRS auditor. I (by definition) do not care what you say. You need to PROVE that the payment has nothing to do with the person being an employee. If the person is legally an employee, you have to PROVE that this is a random event like a lottery drawing (still 1099). That the payment was nothing to do with EVER being an employee. The person whom you are claiming is not an employee, you have to PROVE that no work of any kind was done (still 1099).

  • Re: Equal Pay Day

    I am fine with it happening. I am fine with Donald Trump getting a soul. I am just not holding my breath on either event occurring in my life time.