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  • Re: How long has everyone been working in payroll?

    I have done accounting on punch cards. And used adding machines with cranks. And can remember when copies were wet and had to be hung up on cloth lines to dry out. And if you hit one with a lit cigarette, the whole line would go up.

  • Re: How long has everyone been working in payroll?

    I do not remember the exact dates the laws were passed for things like direct deposit, 401(k), and Section 125, but I remember my employer implementing all of them in the 1980s and we were a fairly early implementer. Before my time, but if we were talking 1960 or so, we are talking largely cash only, no checks. I actually did temp work at a cash only place in the 1970s. Payroll issued a slip and the employee would take it to a different floor to cash it, Anyone who did ADP way back when might remember a "cash page" spelling out exactly how much currency you needed.

  • Re: How long has everyone been working in payroll?

    1. Or maybe 1886. I forget
  • Re: How do you handle unused vacation days if an employee is terminated?

    The rules very much vary by state, so your starting point is to determine what rules your states require. If all your states require PTO payouts, problem solves. If some do and some do not, then Very Senior Management gets to make a decision between being cheap or fair.

  • Re: Any advice for managing a mobile workforce?

    Mandatory timesheets for all employees. WHERE are you working? WHAT are you doing? Do we bill someone for this time? Do not include just the travelers but everyone not at home office. Or even everyone including home office. I have had employees in 42 states at one employer and have some employee complain that we got their state wrong for the past three years (and just now got around to telling someone). Do not assume anyone will tell you anything if you do not ask.

    Not the question but do not assume that anyone in HR will keep track of visa issues. You want to maintain a list of ALL visa people and talk to them (email is good) quarterly to make sure nothing changed.