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  • Re: Payroll Resources

    I used ADP more or less forever along the ReportSmith. We used to routinely (every payroll) run standard proofing reports looking for items of interest. Say, more then one payment to the same bank account for different people. Not impossible but potentially interesting. Actual vs. Budget reports. Actual vs. corresponding period actual. Anything a sharp accountant was going to throw back at us several days into close. Much easier to fix things up front then have to explain during close why HR expense tripled for the month..

  • Re: Salaried Nonexempt - Paid Current

    Forget arrears vs. current for the moment and lets go more general. You overpay Bob. CA-DLSE says you CANNOT recover the money from Bob via payroll deduction. Period. No Exceptions. You can take Bob to court and try to collect that way but CA-DLSE is VERY clear that employers cannot use self-help methods to recovery any type of overpayment. This includes, but is not limited to, your example.

    Yet one more reason that no sane employer uses the current method.

  • Re: W-4 Exempt & Supplemental Taxes

    Every time I answer this sort of question, I feel like I playing a three card Monte game. No matter what I do or do say, the other guy is going to reshuffle the answer into something I did not say.

    There are a bunch of little W-4 rules that Pat knows better then I do, but the big rule is that there is only one set off withholding instructions in play for each payroll. Pick one (and make sure it is legal). Any time someone wants to use more then one W-4 in one pay period, they are playing games.

  • Re: Marital Status

    The key is for YOU and your co-workers to sit down and determine EXACTLY what you and are not going to use each field for. A notebook with a definition of what each field does is not a bad idea, for audit purposes if nothing else.

    Not exactly the same thing, but I went to a place that was using ADP, and had three different fields called Other Wages. Nobody could tell me what each field was used for. And the fields did not use the same tax grids. I reinstalled ADP at year end and made sure that only I controlled earning/deduction code setups and that I formally documented every setup. Same idea. In a perfect world, kill it if you do not know what it does.

  • Re: How long has everyone been working in payroll?

    I have done accounting on punch cards. And used adding machines with cranks. And can remember when copies were wet and had to be hung up on cloth lines to dry out. And if you hit one with a lit cigarette, the whole line would go up.