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  • I used ADP for maybe 25 years. (Now retired).
  • Look at it this way. My last two jobs, I was hired because the preceding person thought it was exactly that easy. Until IRS or someone audited and the real world intervened Thank of IRC and DOL regulations as sort of a full employment act for pay…
  • I have done accounting on punch cards. And used adding machines with cranks. And can remember when copies were wet and had to be hung up on cloth lines to dry out. And if you hit one with a lit cigarette, the whole line would go up.
  • I do not remember the exact dates the laws were passed for things like direct deposit, 401(k), and Section 125, but I remember my employer implementing all of them in the 1980s and we were a fairly early implementer. Before my time, but if we were t…
  • Stay out of OH. Along with PA these states are Payroll Hell.
  • * Or maybe 1886. I forget
  • As far as IRS is concerned, there is no difference between an interim and non-interim employee. As far as DOL is concerned, no difference on basic MW/OT and such but READ YOUR BENEFITS PLANS. You generally have to follow your benefit plans to the le…
  • According to federal DOL, almost all employees are subject to minimum wage and overtime rules. "Intern" is just a word. Calling someone an "intern" changes nothing. There is an "intern" exception, but the core of the that exception is that the inter…
  • A clean form with no corrections is certainly what a strict reading of the rules say. On the other hand I am an old fart who has gone through a bunch of IRS audits with some pretty big companies and IRS have NEVER asked to see W-4 forms, and I have …
  • That sounds technically correct, although I am not sure I would be that hardball.
  • No one-size-fits-all answer. You sot of need to check the rules for each state. Generally speaking FIT/SIT comes last, FICA comes first, and other state/local taxes come somewhere in the middle.
  • I am not entirely sure I understand the sort of answer you are looking for. Almost everyone uses some sort of payroll system. Some have features which handle tips. With older systems you enter offsetting earnings/deductions. This will cause the taxe…
  • Glad I have missed that one. [bleep happens]. If it happens more then once, then someone gets fired. Maybe the payroll manager. All employers have problems, although not usually the one the last poster mentioned. First time it happens, you can plead…
  • My thoughts are that the Republican Governor has not actually signed the bill, and that there are other states which have these sorts of laws. Also, I am not in NJ. It is more work for payroll if this passes, but most laws are more work for payro…
  • I do no know the specific rules for the states in question, but as I said, wages are ALWAYS reported to one state and one state only for the quarter. This is a hard requirement defined in the FUTA and IRCA laws. You can try filing in the other state…